DIY Plastic Free Enrichment Activities For Your Pet

DIY Plastic Free Enrichment Activities For Your Pet

What is Enrichment and its benefits?

We often hear the word enrichment when it comes to keeping our pets happy, but what really is it? 

Enrichment is the action of improving the quality of our pet’s lives whether it be physically, emotionally or behaviourally. It provides healthy outlets for their behaviour and reduces unwanted behaviours. Through education on how to implement enrichment effectively, the health of your pets and the relationships we hold with them will improve.

We have put together a list of some easy ways you can introduce enrichment activities into your pet’s everyday life (puppies, dogs, cats, rabbits & more). Not only can most of these items be easily found in the house, they are also plastic free #plasticfreejuly

Top 6 plastic-free enrichment activity ideas

1. Rolled-up towel
Start by laying out a towel and sprinkling some goodies on top - you can use treats, dry biscuits or any dry food items. Roll the towel up and let your dog find the treats inside.

dog enrichment towel treats


2. Muffin Tin
A muffin tin is a great tool to use as a puzzle for your pets. First, place treats in the muffin tin and then tennis balls or scrunched-up paper on top of the treats. Your pets will have to use their nose and paws to find what’s inside.

Dog licking muffin tray treats enrichment activity
3. Cardboard Box
Every household has a spare cardboard box laying around. Try filling it with your pet’s favourite food and toys. Your pets will have to dog through the box and use their nose to find the goodies.
dog box enrichment activity
4. Scatter Feed
Grab a handful of food and throw them on the floor or in your garden, and watch your pets forage and locate the goodies. Not only does this drain our pet’s mental energy, but it can also drain their physical energy. This game is perfect for puppies, dogs and cats of all ages.
dog treats activity sniffing
5. Egg carton
Give your cardboard egg cartons a second life. How about filling them up with your dog’s favourite treats and old newspaper to shred and search? Hot tip, if your dog has never done this before, start with the box half open to spark interest in the game.
dog diy enrichment egg carton
6. Toilet Paper Roll
Instead of throwing these out, you can re-use your rolls to hide treats inside. Fold the ends of the roll to keep the treats inside. For those clever pups, you can wrap them in a tea towel to increase the difficulty.
dog enrichment activity toilet roll
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