Mindful Box

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Does your dog suffer from boredom, stress or anxiety?

This box makes caring for your dog's mental health simple.

Each product can be added to their daily routine by providing enrichment and encouraging natural behaviours.

Why we love this box:

    • Provides mental stimulation.
    • Reduces stress and anxiety.
    • Promotes healthy dog behaviour such as licking and chewing.
    • Reduces unwanted behaviours such as destructiveness. 
    • Slows down eating for fast eaters.
    • Products are easy to use and clean.

The products we have chosen for our boxes are made to be enjoyed, however, they are not indestructible and should always be supervised, following the correct instructions of use. 

This box includes: 

Darren the Dingo - This little Australian fella has been created with love for your dog to have a good play and chew.

Snuffle Mat - A cleverly handmade noodle box for your dog to sniff out. This activity mat is designed to make your dog use its natural instincts to forage and work for its food.

LickiMat - A simple enrichment activity to add to your dog's daily routine to reduce anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour.

Goat Horn - A long-lasting product that is ideal for dental hygiene and strong chewers. 

Vegetable Ear - An all-natural treat that is a great low-fat alternative.

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