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Laila and Me

Senior Dog & Cat Food Supplement Laila & Me 85g

Senior Dog & Cat Food Supplement Laila & Me 85g

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Senior Dog & Cat Food Supplement Laila & Me 85g

What the product is:
A dietary supplement designed specifically for senior dogs and cats.

What the product does:
Supports the health and well-being of senior pets, providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in their regular diet.

How to use the product:
Add the recommended dosage to your pet's regular food based on their weight and dietary needs.


  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals to support joint health and mobility.
  • Enhances overall health and vitality in senior pets.
  • Food supplement powder made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients - for senior pets
  • All-in-one supplement for digestive health, immunity, joint health, cognitive health, and eyesight
  • Contains antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress to help slow down ageing process and reduce the risk of diseases

Why we like this product:

  • Natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging
  • Easy to administer; simply mix with pet's food.
  • Great for improving the quality of life in senior pets, helping them stay active and healthy.
  • Made in Australia
  • Cat friendly


  • Size: 85 grams
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