Supporting our Community 
We believe in giving back to our community which is why $1 of every box purchased will be donated to our chosen charity. These charities are chosen with our planet in mind.
Mindfullness & Sustainability
Our products are chosen with every effort to minimise our impact on the environment.
We try our best to source locally and choose products which come with minimal plastic packaging or biodegradable packaging where possible. 

All of our paper products we print on are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means they’re sourced ethically and sustainably
We choose printing companies which used soy-based ink in all our products, which is made from a 100 percent renewable source (soy oil) and is biodegradable.

Our parcels are sent via Sendle which offer a 100% carbon neutral delivery.

Our packaging mailer bags are compostable and our boxes are made from recycled cardboard which can also be recycled. 

We choose products which come with minimal plastic packaging or biodegradable packaging where possible.
Our chosen charity is Reforest Now.

Their Mission: ReForest Now was created by an unabated passion to see large-scale reforestation and regeneration of Australian rainforest ecosystems. Our team of scientists, bush regenerators and nurserymen are working with partners and individuals around the world to see immediate and effective restoration of critically endangered rainforests.

We're collecting and growing the seeds of hundreds of varieties of rainforest species, teaching, learning and producing resources to further scientific understanding in field such as; ecosystem restoration, endangered species management, bioprecipitation, genetic diversity and fire ecology.

Rainforests support more than half of all the terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. We must restore them to oppose the worsening climate and ecological crises and repair the damage caused by our predecessors. There's a great team of passionate people here who are ready to act NOW on your behalf.