The Story of Mindful Pet Care

Welcome to Mindful Pet Care!
We are a small business based in Sydney. Our love for our pets is what lead us to start this journey. Not only are we are pet owners, we also have over 20 years years of experience working within the animal industry and have a passion for animal conservation and enrichment. Our experiences have motivated us to create a shop that will enrich the lives of your furry friends.
Our goal is to make enhancing your pets life effective and convenient.
We know that enrichment for our pets can improve their quality of life, provide healthy outlets for their behaviour and reduce unwanted behaviours. Through education on how to implement enrichment effectively, the health of your pets and the relationships we hold with them will improve.
We believe in community, supporting a healthy environment, and our pets wellbeing. We source locally and choose products with sustainable materials that come with minimal waste or biodegradable packaging wherever possible. 
Our focus is to provide products to enhance the quality of your pets lives by teaching them how to self-soothe and decompress independently.
We want to bring awareness to the importance of mental health of our pets.
Love Iyona & Jade (with Basil) xoxo