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Carma Critta

All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar

All Natural Pet Shampoo Bar

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 Pet Shampoo Bar 

This all natural pet shampoo bar is formulated with natural ingredients that nourish and soothe pet fur. It is scientifically proven to nurture the coat and keep skin healthy, leaving pets with a softer touch and healthier shine.

    How to use it

    • Wet your dog and rub the shampoo into the coat and into the skin. Rinse your dog thoroughly after washing

    Why we like this product

    • This product is made of natural ingredients
    • Our eco rating 4.5 / 5


    • Ingredients: coconut oil, hemp seed oil, fresh ground oatmeal and cocoa butter
    • 150grams 
    • Brand: Carma Cripta
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