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Mindful Pet Care

Zylkene Calming Supplement

Zylkene Calming Supplement

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A natural product to help pets cope in stressful situations

  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Great for pets going through new, unusual or stressful events
  • Easy to give
  • Non drowsy
  • 30 capsules

Active ingredients in Zylkene Powder 76.9%: Maltodextrin, Casein (trypsin hydrolysed bovine casein) Magnesium stearate. Capsule 23.1%: Bovine gelatine

Additional Advice
  • It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before and during the use of this product to determine the needs of your pet.
  • Can be used short term or longer term
  • This product does not replace a veterinary behavioural consultation
  • Not suitable for severe anxiety or behavioural problems
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